The Steps We Will Go Through To Help You In Selling Your Business

I Am With You Every Step of the Way

  1. I will meet with you , the business owner and establish your personal goals as well as business goals regarding the sale of your business.

  2. I will then perform the necessary market research on your industry, market, and demographics in order to provide you a realistic view of the current landscape for your type of business.

  3. We will then work on a strategy together for selling your business to put together the following:  
    • Marketing Plan
    • Target Buyer 
    • Asking Price for Your Business

  4. There will then be a review of what I have prepared in Step #3 and once approved a Listing Agreement will be prepared which provides me with a mandate to proceed on your behalf to find buyers for your business.

  5. Advertising to prospective buyers will begin as well as contacting potential buyers that I already have in my database.

  6. Once offers start coming in from prospective buyers, we can review the proposals and I will provide you with feedback and my recommendations.
    • It is at this point that prospective buyers will want to perform due diligence on your business

  7. At the time a potential buyer has been chosen, I will help you with the negotiation of the deal representing your interests which will lead toward obtaining your personal as well as business goals in the sale of your business.

  8. I will attend and participate in the closing of the transaction with you.


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