The Steps We Will Go Through To Help You In Selling Your Business

I Am With You Every Step of the Way

  1. I will meet with you, the business owner and establish your personal goals as well as business goals regarding the sale of your business.

  2. I will then perform the necessary market research on your industry, market, and demographics in order to provide you a realistic view of the current landscape for your type of business.

  3. We will then work on a strategy together for selling your business to put together the following:  
    • Marketing Plan
    • Target Buyer 
    • Asking Price for Your Business
  4. There will then be a review of what I have prepared in Step #3 and once approved a Listing Agreement will be prepared which provides me with a mandate to proceed on your behalf to find buyers for your business.

  5. Advertising to prospective buyers will begin as well as contacting potential buyers that I already have in my database.

  6. Once offers start coming in from prospective buyers, we can review the proposals and I will provide you with feedback and my recommendations.
        It is at this point that prospective buyers will want to perform due diligence on your business

    7.  At the time a potential buyer has been chosen, I will help you with the negotiation of the   
       deal representing your interests which will lead toward obtaining your personal as well as business      
       goals in the sale of your business.  

       I will assist as required in the closing of the transaction with you.


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